Government Delegation from Rudong County, China Made Visit to ZTT India

Mr Shen Junfeng, and his delegation from Rudong County Government, arrived in India to investigate the overseas subsidiary company of ZTT Group, ie. ZTT India Private Limited. (herein after referred to as "ZTT India”)


Mr. Chen ZhaoFeng, President of ZTT India, given a detailed introduction of the development process of ZTT India from its market, products and technological advantages. ZTT India Founded in 2012, ZTT India is China's first overseas factory located in the Sri City in Andhra Pradesh, southern India. As the leading enterprise in the field of power and total contracting engineering in India, all the year round throughout the year ZTT India OPGW has a 70% market share in India; It is the only China-invested enterprise who carried out electrified construction in the Indian market, and also it is the largest number of enterprises that have completed construction in the Indian market at present. With the best quality of supply and the best differentiation advantage of project delivery, ZTT India has formed a wide industry influence in the Indian market and even the whole south Asian market. ZTT India opens up the Indian power market with OPGW, On the basis of stabilizing the leading position of OPGW industry, it carries out the concept of full value industrial chain, with OPGW as its core, the company's product areas are spread with new projects and developments every year; at present, the company’s products are OPGW and fittings, optical fibers, ACS, insulators and optical cables, which project has been in progress. In order to support the industrial chain of the company, ZTT India actively introduced domestic advanced technology, and at the end of 2017 set up ZTT India Technology Department to provide customers best supporting technical services.


Mr Shen Junfeng   paid attention while discussing about the development of ZTT India. He visited the production workshop, and expressed his regards for the company's employees on behalf of the Rudong County Government; He expressed that, it is commendable that ZTT people are spreading ZTT culture & China culture out of their own country and the spirit of struggle under difficult conditions deserves praise. Secretary Shen fully affirmed the concept of "full product coverage" in ZTT India which is not only the implementation of the corporate strategy, but also the embodiment of Chinese enterprises' rooting in overseas markets.

In the next few years, the India government will invest a lot of money in infrastructure construction, and the Indian market has a bright future. Secretary Shen hopes that ZTT India can make persistent efforts, develop and grow in the future. Under the guidance of "one belt and one road" policy, the Chinese enterprises will be bigger and stronger in India. Secretary Shen said that the China local government is always be the strong support for the development of enterprises. In addition to supporting the development of local enterprises, they also tries its best to provide help for overseas enterprises. President Chen Zhaofeng said that ZTT will continue to be down-to-earth, strive to achieve the goal of "one billion enterprises" by 2023, and bringing honor to hometown and chairman.